by Suicide Queen

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released August 4, 2017

Kay Dolores: Vocals, Programming, + Guitar
Michael Vile: Synth
Celeste St. Muerte: Bass
Todd Buller: Guitar
Mark Davis: Drums

All tracks written by Kay Dolores.
Mixed by Kay Dolores, Todd Buller, + Michael Vile.
Mastered by Ken Lee.



all rights reserved


Suicide Queen Oakland, California

“Carrying on the industrial torch with sounds resonating from the likes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy, Suicide Queen are definitely making beautiful noise.” –Meikee Magnetic, Dark Beauty Magazine

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Track Name: Angel
I've seen your face in the dark red room
When the stars are bled of light
I've seen your sex through the bedroom door
That you left open wide
I've seen you lose
Every time
At your favorite game
I've seen the widows laugh
And I've seen you take the blame
Now sing the choirs of pornography
I am not your angel
You are not my tragedy
Sing the lust and the sacrament
Cry out to heaven and ask for your punishment
Replace with steel the heart that she knows will crack
She pulled the knives from the holes in her back
Ring on her finger
Finger on the trigger
She said she'd rather die than live another day a victim
She cut through the flesh
To pay her debts
She spit into the fire and the dust and the insects
The pain the same as a thousand times before
Your virgin daughter
Sent to fight your fucking war
Track Name: She Haunts You
She drinks tequila in some corner of this world
Drunk on synthesis
And 1980s girls
She thinks it's strange
So much has changed
She can't say why
But we all know love can change you
Yes we all know love has changed you
She says,
"Don't be a stranger,
You know that it's better
To break our hearts
Than to have nothing at all"
But she wants you
You know that she haunts you
There's nothing you can say
To dissuade her now
She found a god beneath the dust and my dirty nails
She found the devil in the wires and details
Her skin connects
The loss and sex
The pain defined
By the sluts and saints that love you
All the sluts and saints
They love you
Track Name: Switchblade Mouth
Slice into my switchblade mouth
With your lips for the first time
Fuck me like the angel that you can never be
Nothing so pure
No heaven so sweet
Lie so still like an insect waiting
Lie like you believe that the angels don't hate you
Lie so still
Your eyes like diamonds
Metal and latex
Broken nails
Cut into my mouth, honey
One last time
Carve into your heart
Carve into your face
Carve it with the cross, honey
One last time
Scissors in your mouth
Give me your hand and I'll stick this needle through
Play the princess
I'll play the scarecrow
Take all of my scars
And give them back to you
Fuck me like the angel that you can never be
The white
And the crimson
And depravity
This doesn't have to mean anything
I never dreamed I'd be on your cross
I never asked to be sacred
Now I will be your most perfect loss
Kiss my perfect switchblade mouth
Track Name: Swan
The sky went red
And dripped into my mouth
No reason to be pure
No angels in this town
Play my game
Lay down your tears
Lay down your pain
No need for it here
Play my game
Wear my ring
Take my hand
Be my suicide queen
Dive with me
Your hands adorned with scars
Dive with me
Like a swan
Like the swan you are